About Michelle

Is that a trumpet you can hear? Yes, I’m about to tell you about my skills, experience and the years I never met a pirate… so watch out!

Over 20 years ago I landed my first job at SHE Magazine in ye olde London town. It was my dream role. I was 19-years old and living it up as an assistant who got to work within a magazine environment, dabble in writing and try on clothes I couldn’t (and still can’t) afford.

A year or so later, I moved to Good Housekeeping magazine, writing for the features department but also getting to sample cakes freshly baked in the GHI. After this, I moved to This is London, the website of the London Evening Standard. I worked there as an online journalist for about three years before moving to New Woman online as the Deputy Editor.

Then along came kids, two of them and in the space of 16 months, it was a little hectic but I did manage to also deliver a successful parenting blog. After a few years of juggling lots of balls we packed up all our belongings and took off on a little sailing ‘jaunt’ – it lasted three years. Yes, I know! My family and I sailed from Turkey to New Zealand without sinking or meeting any pirates. When we got to New Zealand it was time to move back on land and I immediately picked up my pen and started working as a copywriter. I’ve been doing it ever since…

I have a first class degree from the Open University (combination of English, History and Marketing) and a number of other writing courses under my belt. I also studied psychology and have a particular love of getting into the heads of customers and delving into customer personas.

I work from my office in Adelaide, often accompanied by my loyal and delicious Spoodle, Doogle (yes, like Google but with a D).

That’s it. Trumpeting over.